Why the Money Is in the List

I’ve talked to 6 people today who wanted to know more about my primary business. I mean, people who contacted me. That’s incredible. It shows the power of building a list.

You see, my primary business is having a promotion this month. You can start a business for just $1 through the 15th of June.

So yesterday I sent an email to my list, telling them about the promotion and inviting them to contact me for more information.

I had 3 calls before breakfast this morning! And I’ve got my Sunday pretty much booked–not to mention other days this week filling up too!

So if you’ve been thinking about building a list, stop procrastinating and do it now.

I would recommend Aweber. That’s what I’m using. It’s $1 for the first month, so you can try it out, and if it’s not for you, you’ve only lost a buck. I’m sure there are other programs out there, but I’ve never tried them, and I won’t recommend anything I haven’t tried.

Success to you!

Lisa Reynoso

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